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Lead Auditor Course in Chennai

Lead Auditor Course in Chennai

Intensive lead auditor course

One can undergo the Lead Auditor Course in Chennai and enjoy a flying career. This training is offered by Hire You Safety Training & Consulting, a leading institute. The participants at this course are taught to perform quality audits on management system. This is done from different perspectives. Also, they are taught to develop effective and efficient quality management system.

Who can undergo the Lead Auditor Course in Chennai?

This course can be undergone by those eager to become a professional 3rd party auditor. It is good for consultants eager to have their knowledge honed and to enhance their service quality. Auditing and quality management personnel employed with bigger organizations. They can perform supplier and internal audits much better. Also other professionals can undergo the Lead Auditor Course in Chennai in the related fields. This way, they can have their credentials diversified.

What is to be known about the course?

It should be accredited by the governing body. The institution imparting the course needs to be a reputed one like Hire You Safety Training & Consulting. Location, cost and schedule of the course does play an important role. The institute should offer special discounts and be flexible with course timings. Special arrangements are to be checked for accommodations and travel. Course outline or syllabus is to be known in advance. It is also useful to know about course attendance requirements and cancellation policy.

In short, the person undergoing this course is sure to benefit from it immensely.

Course Information

  • Lead Auditor Level: Internal Audit
  • Duration: 5 Days Class
  • Examination: 1 Days Exam
  • Training: Class Room / E - Learning
  • Enrollment Fee:Rs: 10,000
  • Job Placement:Job Assistance

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